Course Content – Basic Training

Hayley offers live microblading workshops and online training. The contents of both the online and live trainings are the same only the live includes a two day workshop. Some students may choose to begin the online training and attend a live training at a later date, this is quite a popular option as students have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course content and begin passing the 11 levels needed to gain your certificate. The other option is to attend the two day workshop and begin on the craft master afterwards.

Day 1

Introduction to PhiAcademy: About PhiAcademy and what is Boldbrows?

Hygiene: This is the most important subject, the highest standard is required for each cosmetic studio and person involved in this business. Instructions for sterilisation and disinfection processes for the safety of the artist and the clients.

Dermatology/ Skin types: All that you need to know about skin types and tones, skin problems and diseases. Also a detailed conversation about contraindications.

Consent forms/ Information for the Artist/ Client: The importance of examining each client thoroughly concerning any health issues and what we need to discuss with the client prior to any treatment.

Strokes and Skin: Instructions for placing the pigment in the proper skin depth, examples of results of irregular deep or shallow work.

Eyebrows Anatomy: How eyebrows are an important part of the the face, the structure of mimic muscles and it’s affect on the result of the treatment, different directions of natural brow growth and how to adjust to different clients.

Golden Ratio / Shape and Symmetry: What is the golden ration and how it is used on the face. Why it is important to educate the client of the correct measurements. Instructions for the use of the PhiApp for measuring the brow symmetry on clients.

Stroke variations and patterns: A step by step exercise for different microblading styles using Bold technique, how to adjust for different brow growths and requests from clients. Practice of these patterns on latex.

Procedural steps: How to prepare for the treatment. The correct posture for you and the client. How to photograph the brows prior to the treatment. How to begin the treatment and build your confidence.

Live Model Instruction Video: Instructional videos on live model. How to bring your work to perfection with different tips and tricks.

Colour theory: Everything you need to know about pigments and their reactions to different skin types. How to determine a proper colour match, how to mix and adjust shades.

Post treatment care: Instructions for the correct post treatment care and what problems we may encounter if those instructions are not adhered to.

Correction and Touch up: Instructions on what should be done when the client returns after 4 weeks for the first correction.

Healed results: Examples of a perfect result and advice for the proper correction procedure.

Products: All about Phi products.

Craft Master Introduction: How to submit work to your master for feedback.

Day 2

Day two is where we demonstrate the technique with live models.

Hands on: After the master has completed the initial strokes the students will be supervised as they work over the existing strokes. This exercise teaches the student about the correct depth and pressure. We will study how to create precise strokes using the correct tools and pigments for a hyperrealistic result.

Questions: Students may gather questions they can ask at the end of the day.

Support: What is required for the growth of a cosmetic business, how to progress in the academy.

Certificates of Attendance: At the end of the two day live training each student will receive a certificate of attendance. The official Boldbrows Certificate is only obtained when students have successfully passed all 11 levels. Communication with the master will continue for 6 months. The time frame in which each student will pass will depend on how much practice each student commits to the training. It is possible to extend the Craft Master if you do not complete the training within the 6 months for a monthly fee.