PMU Training

There has never been a better time to begin your journey as a microblading artist and I would love to be there with you every step of the way on your new adventure.

Over the last couple of years microblading has fast become the most sought-after beauty treatment in the world, with Phiacademy leading the way in education and innovation.

Bold Brows is one of the educational methods recognized by PhiAcademy, created four years ago through a vision of Mensura Megy Hodzic, a Grand Master and winner of Best Artist in the World, who designed this microblading technique with her creativity in order to achieve a natural and more attractive brow that suits many different brow types and tastes of clients..

There is a great advantage of taking Boldbrows as your basic training as you will learn endless variations in the stroke patterns which will give you the knowledge and skillset to excel in the industry. Bold brows pattern is quite different from the classic style because of the lower hairs that are drawn with a soft curved S movement, like natural hairs, and baby hairs which create a hyper-realistic full natural brow.

Microblading is a manual skill and so will take time to learn and lots of practice but is so creatively rewarding. This amount of time is not calculated in days, it is counted in months. The initial two-day bold brows microblading course represents an introduction to the technique where the students become familiar with practice and problems we may encounter with the technique and skin.

The Craft Master app is created to offer support to students in the following 6 months after a two-day education or online course. We can think of this application as a type of manual script including all that is necessary for education and vocation of a Phi Artist but also to motivate students to pass mandatory levels in order to get a Certificate, a logo with their name and to be recorded on the Phi World Map.

INTRODUCTION – What is Bold Brows?

HYGIENE – The most important subject and the highest standard required for each cosmetic studio and a person involved in this business, Instruction for sterilization and disinfection processes in order to keep the safety of yourself and your clients, according to standards of your country.

DERMATOLOGY – All that you need to know about skin types and tones, skin problems and diseases that should be avoided for this treatment, contraindications that might occur.

INFORMATION FOR THE ARTIST/CLIENT – Why we need to examine each client concerning health issues and what we need to explain to the client prior to any treatment.

STROKES AND SKIN – Instructions for placing the pigment in the proper skin depth, examples of results of irregular deep or shallow work.

EYEBROW ANATOMY – How eyebrows are an important part of the face, the structure of mimic muscles and its effect on the result of the treatment, different directions of natural brow growth, and how you can adjust to different brow situations.

SHAPE AND SYMMETRY – Why unexpected ideas of the form requested by clients should not be accepted? What is a golden ratio and how it is used on the face? Step-by-step microblading on paper and on a live model. Instructions for the use of PhiApp for measuring the brow symmetry on clients.

COLOR THEORY – Everything you need to know about pigments and their reactions to different skin types. How to determine a proper colour for each client, how to mix pigments in order to obtain a preferred shade, how to adjust colours and the length of pigment duration on the skin.

STROKE PATTERNS – A step-by-step exercise for different microblading styles using a Bold technique, adjusted for different directions of natural eyebrows and different preferences and requests of clients. Available styles with the task of offering a defined and thick appearance and the style offering a completely natural and fuzzy brow shape.

PROCEDURAL STEPS – A step-by-step lesson for what should be prepared for the treatment. How to set the correct position, how to photograph brows prior to the treatment, where to start with the first step of microblading, and all upcoming steps, aimed at overcoming the fear with the first encounter of work on the real skin.

LIVE MODEL INSTRUCTION VIDEO – Instructional videos on a live model, prepared by different Bold Brows Masters, different tricks, how to hold the tool properly, how to fill eyebrow hair efficiently and how to bring your work to perfection.

POST-TREATMENT CARE – Instructions for proper post-treatment care and contraindications that might occur if we do not adhere to instructions.

CORRECTION AND TOUCH UP – Instructions on what should be done when the client returns after 4 weeks for the first correction and how we determined the next touch up according to the skin type and condition.

HEALED RESULTS – Examples of a perfect result and advice for the proper correction procedure.

PRODUCTS – All about Phi products and how they can be ordered.

SERVICE SUPPORT – Advice for treating the clients, the salon environment, how to sell other services in the salon and what is required for the growth of a cosmetic business.

MASTER ADVICE – Different advice and motivations by the Master.

ADDITIONALLY – Glossary, that is, assistance for some words that can be found in lessons. A post-treatment care for the client, download link, examples of photos and etc.

11 LEVELS – Each level has instruction steps that should be passed on the latex and on the live model. Moreover, a questionnaire for the student on the last level, in order to ensure the Master that the student read all lessons, highly relevant for the work with clients, in detail.

CHALLENGE LEVEL – A non-mandatory level aimed at motivating students to practice different types and to make progress within the time available in the app.

This technique is not something you can learn in two days and have a perfect work. Let’s get real, you must practice a lot, like in any other job, be consistent and ready for a negative feedback. After you pass all levels and receive a Certificate, it is important to emphasize that this is not the end of learning. Each client is a new experience where we need to apply what we have learned and be ready to accept our mistakes as lessons that remind us that we can always do better.

Bonus lectures include:


The price for Basic Training Live is €2500

The price for Basic Training Online is €2000