Bold Brows Perfection

In an ever growing industry it is important to keep learning, developing and growing as an artist.

One of the best things about life is that we never have to stop learning. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. To continuously learn is to be successful. For us to live life to the fullest, we must continually look for ways to improve.

This is an advanced course intended for those who have already completed a basic microblading education at Phiacademy or any other academy.

Those who want to learn new drawing methods, to upgrade their work and to attract more clients, because this patterns differs from other classic brow drawings to a great extent. This course is aimed at helping artists who may feel they need some support from a Master in certain areas of their work where they are experiencing difficulties.

In Bold brows perfection we will study in depth a hyper realistic brow, observing the natural hair growth and adapting it to suit different types of clients.

Education and support is followed through a Craft Master app for 3 months where students can follows the following lessons:

INTRODUCTION – What is Bold Brows?

GOLDEN RATIO AND EYEBROW SHAPING – A reminder on how we determine the shape and why the golden ratio is important to us.

BOLD BROWS PATTERN VARIATIONS – Latex exercises of different brow variations.

LIVE MODEL INSTRUCTIONS – An instruction video including works of different Masters, with tricks for a better and more precise work.

COLOUR THEORY – Assistance in choosing the colour and correcting old permanent make up.

CORRECTION AND TOUCH UP – Advice for corrections and touch up.

HEALED RESULTS – Examples of excellent result and what should be corrected in certain cases.

POST-TREATMENT CARE – Advice for post-treatment care.

MASTER ADVICE – Motivational advice from personal experience of Master Hayley Mia McGowan.

7 LEVELS that should be passed in order to obtain a BOLD BROWS CERTIFICATE AND A BOLD BROWS LOGO

CHALLENGE LEVEL – A non-mandatory level aimed at motivating students to practice more advanced and latest patterns, such as the Z-V-N style.

The Starter Kit contains:

– 4 x disposable PhiBrush tool eccentric
– 1 x skin candy (50 pieces)
– 1 x skin simulation (3 pieces without drawn shape)
– 1 x block tonic wipes
– 1 x phi asept wipes (20 pieces)
– 1 x self adhesive pigment container
– 1 x higi mask
– 1 x Pencil shape